Review: Classic Tails with Eliza Garrett

DSCF1495In one of my last reviews I looked at The Book of Forgotten Authors and talked a bit about the rise in bookish themed gifts as we draw nearer to the run up to Christmas. One of my favourite things to do in Autumn and Winter is to visit a bookshop and see the displays of these literary themed gifts. They always give me great inspiration for presents, as well as making me hopeful that I might be gifted one myself! The books I want to talk to you about today follow this category perfectly, and I was thrilled to receive them in the post!

Named the ‘Classic Tails’, this is a collection of books focusing upon the ‘greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds’. Yes, that’s right! These small yet delightful series of books take some of the best loved classics and reinvent them with a decidedly furry twist! I currently have in my possession Pugs and Prejudice and The Picture of Dorian Greyhound, but there are also parodies of Romeo and Juliet as well and The Great Gatsby.  As an animal and classical literature lover, I couldn’t think of anything more entertaining. I cannot thank Eliza Garrett enough for her humorous reworkings!

Essentially, these books give us a brief retelling of classic literature with a decidedly anthropomorphised twist. Characters such as Mr Darcy and Dorian Gray receive a refreshing new look in the guises of dashing pugs and handsome greyhounds, all the while telling us these well loved tales in a highly comedic style which is unapologetically heavy on the puns. These books are ridiculously quick to read, yet bring real joy to any lover of classic literature. The books are in no way a serious reflection on the classic cannon, but instead are simply a humorous and entertaining version of something which has stood the test of time. All of this is bound together in these smart little hardbacks which are highly reminiscent of The Ladybird Classic Fairytales books I was so found of as a child, as well as the comedic Ladybirds for Grown-Ups series. Even the glossy full page illustrations are a joy to behold, with the small details of the images really capturing the overall tone of these funny little books.

I’m not going to strictly review these books, as there isn’t really enough writing and they are essentially a simple parody of iconic stories and characters. Instead, I am going to share with you some of the illustrations in the hope that you might equally find these books as enjoyable.

Yes these books are a bit silly and filled to the brim with quite awful puns, but that’s what makes them work so brilliantly. I could not rate them highly enough as a gift for lovers of not just classical literature, but literature in general. If you love animals, then it is most certainly a win win situation. I have absolutely no doubt that these light-hearted, playful retellings will bring sheer to joy to a reader.

Publisher: Wildfire

Rating: 4*/5*

Disclaimer – I was very kindly sent this book in exchange for a review. I will only ever post my own honest opinions, and will NOT write a favorable review in exchange for a complimentary book.



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