Review: Naked Heat Palette by Urban Decay

IMG_7113[1]This is definitely going to be a new and very different kind of blog post from me today! Whilst books are always going to form the vast majority of my reviews and will always be my greatest passion, there are various other things which I love to use and write about. Fairly recently I wrote one of my first travel pieces (post here) and loved doing it, so today I thought I’d branch out even further and talk to you about something completely different; make up.

In the interests of honesty I will say that I am by no means the biggest follower of beauty trends and I am definitely not the most skilled at applying my make up. Having said that, whilst I do think that specific beauty bloggers are incredibly talented and great to read/watch when you want the best advice, I personally think it can be just as nice to find someone who is perhaps a bit more relatable in their approach and closer to my own skill sets. As such, I hope that you enjoy this post for what it is – someone who likes makeup talking about a new favourite product.

Whilst my make up collection is by no means excessive, there are a few staple brands which I always  return to again and again. Urban Decay is definitely the forerunner in this. I love everything about the brand; the packaging, the designs, the versatility of the products, the longevity, the quality, and of course, the fact that they have remained cruelty free. The products which really stand out for me have always been their palettes, specifically the Naked collection. I was first attracted to these eye-shadow palettes because of the versatility and ease of use they promised. Many of the shades are nude or quite natural, and as someone whose not the most experimental with my make up, they offered a wealth of truly wearable colours. I own both the original Naked palette and the Naked 3 and can confirm that they are well worth the money. When they recently released the latest edition to the Naked range, Naked Heat, I was immediately attracted to it. Having now been lucky enough to receive the palette as a gift for my birthday I couldn’t wait to share my first impressions with you.


Stunning packaging!

First of, I HAVE to talk about the packaging. It is beautiful! Whoever designed it truly deserves a medal because it really takes the product and elevates it to a whole new level, showcasing the palette in all of its fiery glory. As with many of Urban Decays palettes the actual product is protected by a cardboard slip case. Taking this off, you find the palette itself nestled within a further rectangular cardboard box. Whilst I remember my other Naked palettes being well packaging, they’ve really outdone themselves design wise here. If you lift the palette out you can see that the cardboard box underneath has a stunning design of matches in various states of burning, a small detail which really brings the central theme of ‘Heat’ together. Likewise, the back of the box has a rather artistic set of roses which have been set alight, all tying in nicely to the colour scheme of the actual eye shadows.

The palette itself is the real start of the show. Its resides within a fairly lightweight yet substantial hardcover plastic case which I trust to keep my eye-shadows safe from the dreaded shattering. The classic ‘Naked’ lettering dominates the main two thirds of the case in the iconic gold lettering, all set against the backdrop of these beautifully rich and warm colours which are so representative of the products inside. I loved the almost holographic design, and think its an excellent and vibrant new package for a collection which has already proved so popular.

Inside, as with the other Naked palettes, we are given a handy mirror. Whilst I don’t tend to use these myself, preferring a full scale mirror for make up application, I do think its a great added bonus. The mirror is incredibly clear and would be great for on the go touch ups if you were carrying the palette around with you. Once again this palette also comes with a double ended eye-shadow brush. This is actually the brush I tend to use whenever I apply my Naked eye-sahdows; its great quality and doubles as a tool to use for both a base colour and as one for shading and blending, which I tend to do in the corners and creases of my eyes.  I have actually noticed that one of the brushes is slightly different in  shape to previous years, having more of a tapered end as opposed to the flatter variety seen before. It still works great and fits my eye shape very nicely.

Of course, I have to mention the actual products themselves! What’s great about this new palette is that the colours are so different to anything we have seen in the Naked collection before. They are obviously much warmer in colour, with the emphasis being very much on gorgeous Autumnal shades of peaches, burnt oranges and deep browns. As always there is a mixture of matte and shimmer colours which work great when combined together into one look.  Whilst I think this palette may look slightly more intimidating when compared to the more natural shades in the Naked 1 and 2 palettes, they’re actually incredibly wearable. As always, the colours are incredibly pigmented and really allow you to pack on the colour, but they are also extremely blendable, meaning that you can equally soften the colours until you achieve a more subtle look overall. The start of the palette also has a very light shade which works great as a highlighter when applied to the arch of your eyebrow. I must also note that the lighting in my house has made these shades look much more pink toned than they actually are!


This palette is priced at £39.50, which is the same price as the other palettes in the Naked range. Personally I think this is a great price for what your getting. The pigmentation and sheer quality is great. It’s definitely going to last longer and apply better than some of the cheaper drugstore alternatives. Likewise, you’re not paying the really high end designer prices but your still getting that quality which comes with the more costly make up brands. Additionally, there is just a great range of colours in this palette which are going to work great individually, but even more so when combined together. You can get everything from a really subtle soft look in natural brown and oranges to a much more dramatic and deeper look of burnt amber shades. All in all a great all rounder and a fantastic edition to the Naked range which is really bringing something new to the table whilst retaining that natural and wearable look.


Has anyone else been trying the new Naked Heat palette? What are you thoughts so far?

Buy it here: Urban Decay Website





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