Monthly Favourites: November 2017

OBLE6410[1]I really enjoy watching monthly favourites videos. I think it’s the sheer variety that it allows; the opportunity to hear about multiple things which wouldn’t necessarily fit together in any other kind of video.  They’ve become quite a staple on YouTube and today I thought I’d attempt it myself on my blog.

November has been an amazing month for me –  mostly because it’s my birthday month and so I’ve been completely spoiled by my friends and family! I have received so many things that I’ve been loving, but I’ve tried hard to whittle it down and leave you with just my absolute favourites. So, here we go!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette:

If you follow my blog and have read one of my latest posts (here) then this product will come as no surprise to you. I was extremely lucky to receive this from my boyfriend’s family for my birthday after lusting over it since its initial release. The colours range from peaches to glorious burnt oranges and warm brown tones, all providing an excellent palette for the Autumnal months. As I’ve come to expect from the Urban Decay Naked palettes, the pigmentation is great and the overall quality is amazing, especially when compared with much more expensive options. I have to mention the packaging as well, as it is simply beautiful! This is really a great and quite different addition to my favourite make up line.


Simply Stunning!

The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich:

At the time of writing this I’ve currently read 6 books this month and my favourite without a doubt has been this heart wrenching book. Alexievich actually won the Nobel Prize for Literature with this book and its incredibly easy to see why. The book is a collection of different voices from the vast array of women who served during World War Two for the Soviet Union against Germany. We get these incredibly interesting, emotional and of course horrific memories of what these women faced, as well as the social ideologies surrounding their gender and the fact that they had to enter such a male orientated world. It explores the impact this had on them, as well as the reaction society had after the war when the women were expected to fall back into a more traditionally domestic sphere. We see a perspective into the war which is vastly different to what is normally presented to the world, with the small minutiae of the time being the central focus. You can see a full review here.



Hotel Chocolat: The Salted Caramel Chocolate Hamper Collection:

Anyone who knows me will know that there is one thing in this world which I cannot resist, something which I constantly crave and will always pick if they have such an option available. This is of course, caramel! I sometimes worry that I really am addicted to this sugary goodness. I love it in any form and can eat and eat it without feeling sick. Combine this love with the taste of Hotel Chocolat, and you will understand my delight when I received this incredible set from my boyfriend for my birthday. Classed the ‘Salted Caramel Collection’, it is everything that is good about this world and more. It’s beautifully designed in the classic black packaging of Hotel Chocolat, and contains an even better selection of goodies inside. Everything from my favourite Caramel Cheesecake Chocolates, a Salted Caramel and Pecan Chocolate Spread, a luxury Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate and even a miniature Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka! As you can see from the below photo, my dog is pretty furious that they isn’t a dog friendly option! Jokes, aside though, I am so in love with this, and I’m hoping to do a full blog post in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!


Lush ‘Relax More’ Gift Set:

I’ve had an excellent time this month where Lush products are concerned. I’ve experienced my first Jelly Bomb, a life changing product which no words can accurately describe (see here). The thing I want to mention here though is yet another gift from my honestly brilliant boyfriend (can you tell I’ve been well and truly spoiled?) I love everything that Lush sells, but I really am a bath person over the shower, and so he spent the time hunting out a gift set which contains some amazing bath products for me to enjoy and restock up on. Entitled ‘Relax More’, a sentiment I like to try and live my life by, this set is fit to bursting with fourteen different products. It comes in a stunningly packaged box which would be great to reuse time and time again. Sadly I did rip the cute bow of the front in my excitement to get to the products, but you can see what it originally looked like here. With everything from classic bath bombs, multiple bubble bars, great smelling soaps, body lotions, massage bars and much, much more, this set has it all. This really is an excellent gift for any Lush lovers out there, and is another product I hope to do a full review on in the near future.


Primark Disney Backpack

The next item is something I actually treated myself to, and it is this really fun yet classic backpack from Primark. I’m a complete Disney addict and will actually be heading to Disney Land Paris for the first time in February, so I thought this item was entirely appropriate. It’s quite a small and compact bag so will be the perfect size for taking out just the essentials with me during the day. It’s got the classic Mickey ears which are going to look great set against any outfit. The zip also has these really cute charms attached to it of Mickey’s gloved hands and his little red shorts. Inside we have the main compartment, along with a smaller zipped section which would be great to store more valuable items. They also did the bag in a glittery version but I think the black makes this a really staple yet enjoyable piece. I can’t wait to take it to Disney with me!


Koi Footwear Boots:

I live exclusively in boots as soon as Autumn approaches, and whilst I love the ones I already have (my Dr Marten’s being my particular boot of choice), I really had my eyes peeled for a killer pair of over the knee black faux suede boots. I finally found these ones by Koi Footwear and they are everything I was looking for and more! They were really well priced at £35 pound, and I did actually buy these when they website had 15% percent off which was even better! I really wanted a chunky heeled pair of boots that would be comfy enough to wear all day and so far these have been brilliant. The heel height is perfect and they provide a good amount of support for people who might not be fans of the more dramatic stiletto heeled look. The faux suede is really soft and has just the right amount of stretch to fit over your claves. Having said that, they’re still quit fitted, so I’m think these are going to be really good at staying up on my legs without the need to constantly pull them up. I do live in Wales, so I’ll definitely be stocking up on the suede protector spray for these beauties!


I am thrilled to bits which everything I’ve received or bought this month! I’ll leave links below to all of the products or items mentioned, just in case this has inspired you to have a browse; it is nearly Christmas after all!

Have you tried any of the above, or are interested in  similar items? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette

The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Chocolate Hamper

Lush Relax More Gift Set

Koi Over the Knee Boots

*Sadly I cannot link the Primark Disney bag as it is not on their website!







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