Monthly Favourites: February 2018

GZIM9981[1]I can’t quite believe have quickly this year is going. Every week seems to fly by, with the arrival of Spring and warmer weather getting ever closer!

February has been a pretty busy month for me, with lots of big events taking place and so many amazing memories having been made. I can already tell that this year is going to be one to remember, but before I think too much about the future, I wanted to share with you my favourite things from the month of February:

Disneyland Paris

This month myself and my boyfriend decided to visit Disneyland Paris for out five year anniversary. To put it simply, we had the most amazing time I could have ever hoped for. Whilst Florida has always been the ultimate dream for me, Disneyland Paris is far closer and much cheaper. It still has all of the fun of Disney World, albeit on a smaller scale. I couldn’t quite get over how magical the whole experience was and I am now more desperate than ever to finally visit Disney World. From meeting the famous characters, to going on thriller rides and watching the spectacular fireworks displays; it really was the holiday of a lifetime and a trip I will always cherish.


Getting Engaged!

My second monthly favourite follows on quite nicely from my trip to Disneyland Paris. As you’ll have already summarised from the above title, I got engaged! My boyfriend proposed to me on the actual day of our anniversary, just as we were leaving our Disney character dining experience. I was already on a complete high from meeting the likes of Mickey, Daisy, Eeyore and Piglet, so this extra surprise was quite simply the perfect start to an already perfect day. My boyfriend actually chose the ring himself and picked an absolutely beautiful design that he knew I would love. I’m not into anything over the top or extravagant, so this simple yet elegant white gold ring, with a rather Disney appropriate princess cut diamond, was the greatest gift ever. Without a doubt, this whole experience has been my favourite thing of this month, and I am beyond excited to start making plans for the future.

Primark Dungaree Dress

Moving away from Disney now and into some fashion items, the first of which is this beautiful faux suede dungaree dress from Primark. I am a huge lover of greens and khakis, as not only are they great staple colours, but I’ve been told multiple times that it compliments my hair colour quite well. I also loved the fact that it’s got this wonderfully soft faux suede finish, a trend which has been around for a while now and seems in no hurry to leave. The fit is really nice, with a slightly fitted top and a more A-line finish to the bottom of the dress. I think the small silver loops on the straps add a great, slightly retro feel, especially when paired with a simple roll neck jumper. Everything else aside though, my two favourite things about this dress are not only the price, which was a complete steal at £10, but also the fact that it actually has pockets! A dream find for any dress lovers out there!IMG_7629[1]

New Look Baker Boy Hat

The second fashion item on this monthly favourites list has got to be this baker boy hat from New Look. I actually have a slight obsession with hats and I’m forever trying on new ones whenever I go shopping. Not only is this one super fashionable with the current baker boy trend, it also comes in this gorgeous grey tweed style finish, giving even more of a nod to the original period these hats were first worn. It’s super comfy, with a slightly elasticated edge which fits nicely against my hair. This hat really does add  the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. I also really like the fact that the crown of the hat isn’t too over the top in its size, meaning that I don’t feel too self conscious walking down the street in it!


Primark Bag

Before I went away to Disneyland Paris I was on the hunt for a new bag that would fit in the essentials, yet be small enough that I wouldn’t feel as if I were lugging around unnecessary luggage. I spotted this one in Primark which I immediately fell in love with. It’s very classic in both its size and its black colour, but also has these fun and quite exciting little elements to it. I love the contrast between the leather and the suede finishes, as well as the more unusual round style which has been a big favourite with many of the designer handbags we’ve been seeing enter the fashion world lately. The strap is a really nice length and is even adjustable to accommodate any changes you might feel are necessary. Not only is the bag stunning to look at, I also think it looks far pricier than its Primark price tag, and doubles up extremely well as both a bag for the day and the evening.



Lastly but by no means least, we have a slightly more unusual item for my favourites this month. Although I do really like flowers and enjoy the aesthetic they bring, they’re not exactly something I would think to buy myself or something that I would actively crave. That all changes however when you bring Daffodils into the equation. Anyone who knows me will know how much I adore Daffodils. I think they are an exqusite flower to look at and are unlike anything else in the floral world. The vibrant yellow and orange colours are an instant mood lifter and really enhance any room they’re in. The reason they’re in this months favourites is because its around this time in Wales that you start to see these flowers springing up everywhere, be it in people own gardens or in the local supermarkets. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Daffodill is actually the national flower of Wales and is heavily associated with St David’s day here. Daffodils and daisies are without a doubt my favourite flowers, so to vave one of them coming back into my life has really brightened up an already exciting month.


That’s it for today! Another month has gone by and another monthly favourites posts is now up and running. Do you also like any of these things? What have your favourite things been this month?


Disneyland Paris

Disney Character Breakfast


New Look Baker Boy Hats





2 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites: February 2018

    • thebookishbundle says:

      Thank you!! I’d always sort of out of going because I worried it wouldn’t be as good as some of the bigger parks but I had such an amazing time! Think it’s definitely a good choice if you have young kids or it’s your first time doing Disney because it’s a lot smaller and not as overwhelming but still completely magical!

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