Worth the hype? Clinique’s ‘Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm’

IMG_8675[1]The market is saturated right now with fantastic content creators who focus specifically on beauty and lifestyle videos and blogs. Whilst I am by no means skilled at doing my makeup (falling pretty nicely into the average category), I do really enjoy watching and reading the inspiring and high quality content that is out there. Naturally a lot of the people we see online tend to talk about quite similar things, often working alongside different brands to promote certain products. This can cause a lot of doubt as to how good a product really is, especially if someone’s getting complimentary gifts or sponsorships to discuss it. Thankfully the creators I tend to watch on a regular basis are people whose opinions I trust explicitly, giving very honest opinions.  Through them I’ve found some great products, and have really expanded my list of favourite things to use.

This leads me nicely into a new series I want to undertake here on this blog. I want to take a look at different products which seem to get a lot of hype on the internet, and see how they work for a regular and basic skilled person like myself. A lot of the things we see people raving about online are now actually quite high end, and I’m not the kind of person who can afford to buy something on a regular basis unless I know that it’s worth the money. So starting from now I’m going to be picking up some products and giving you my honest thoughts about them here on this blog.

As the title obviously tells you, the product I want to discuss today is the Clinique ‘Take the day off cleansing balm’. It’s a product which I still see getting a lot of hype online and is something I find a lot of people are still curious about. This is actually a product of mine which I’ve been using regularly for about 9 months now, and as you might be able to summarise, I absolutely love it. Its part of my daily skincare routine and I honestly couldn’t image not having it in my life.

There are hundreds of different cleansers on the market, many of them advertising what is essentially the same thing, so it can be confusing to know where to start. The kind of cleanser I’m talking about today is the type specifically designed to take off your make up, as opposed to the kind you might see available to ‘wash’ your face.  Clinique advertises this product as a ‘lightweight’ balm which dissolves ‘tenacious’ face and eye makeup. The descriptions claim that the product transforms from a ‘solid balm’ to‘silky fluid oil’ upon application, cleaning the face thoroughly in the process. They state it is non-greasy and non-drying, and is perfect for all skin types. You simply use your fingertips to massage the balm over your skin, before rinsing well. But how does the product actually fare in the real world?


Negative Points:

  • I’ve got to be honest – I really did struggle to find faults with this product, but there probably is one major aspect of the cleanser which may initially deter some people. The first time you put the product on it feels incredibly weird. As the product warms up underneath your fingers it starts to feel increasingly greasy, melting your make up efficiently in the process, but leaving behind a face which looks pretty crazy. Fear not, for this vanishes immediately once you wash the product off with a warm cloth, leaving behind fresh skin.
  • The price – If I’m being honest, I’m more than happy to pay the £23 price tag which this product comes with. I will admit that at first I was slightly wary, especially when making the jump from  much cheaper alternatives, but I think the product is more than worth it and definitely lasts long enough to justify the investment.


Positives Points:

  • Effectiveness – I honestly have yet to find anything which matches the power of this cleaner! It removes my entire make up in one go, even when I’ve got on a full face of heavy duty make up products. If I were to use a makeup wipe I’d be scrubbing at my eyes for ages, but this takes everything off in one go and is 100x gentler on my skin.
  • Great for all skin types – One of the things I was most worried about when first trying this was how the balm turns to an oil when you massage in into your face. I have combination/oily skin anyway, so I felt that I was really taking a chance by applying something which seemed to become so greasy upon application. I can honestly say that after using this for months and months it has not affected my skin in any way. My skin is also quite sensitive and can be prone to redness and becoming overly dry with certain  products. This definitely wasn’t the case here either and I use this products consistently ever day.
  • Long lasting and worth the money – Although the tub may not look like it holds a massive amount of product, there is a surprising amount of the balm stored in there. More importantly, the product is extremely long lasting. Because it is so effective at taking your make up off, you only need to use a small bit of the product to cover your entire face. My tubs actually tend to last me several months and I use the heck out of them! When I compare that to the amount of make up wipes I would otherwise be using, especially on my eye make up, I do think it may actually save me some money in the long run!
  • Soft Skin – As well as removing your make up and the dirt of the day, I also think the balm leaves your skin feeling much softer. My skin always tends to feel quite supple after I’ve used this, and I think its a great way to start off the rest of your skin care regime.
  • Great packaging – If I’m paying a bit more for a product then I definitely want it to look and feel the part. Thankfully I think that the packaging is completely gorgeous. It’s got a very classic and high end aesthetic, which looks great in any bathroom or on a dressing table. I also think the calming lilac colour is quite reflective of how gentle and caring it is to your skin, as well as just being a lovely colour choice! The top of the product also has a mirrored finish, which although not the finest in quality, does provide a suitable option if you were travelling and found yourself without a mirror.



It’s not hard to see why I love this product. It’s without a doubt the most effective cleanser I have ever used, and I couldn’t recommend it enough if you find taking your make up off a chore. This is a product which 100% lives up to the hype, and I know it will continue to be in my skincare routine as my favourite cleanser!

Have you tried this product yet? Are you hoping to try it? Let me know what you think!


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