New Look Clothing Haul!

IMG_8651[1]Spring is here! Well, it’s still raining as I sit here typing this, and I’m still wrapped up in my fluffiest dressing gown, but there has been a significant improvement in the British weather as of late! Don’t get me wrong, Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of the year, and I love nothing more than putting on a cosy jumper and wearing chunky boots. As much as I love it though, I am excited to see the spring/summer trends already making their way into the high street shops.

Feeling inspired, and telling myself that I deserved a little splurge, I had a little look online and found some new pieces that I couldn’t wait to collect in my wardrobe. This isn’t really a spring/summer clothing haul, as I think it’s still just a little too cold here in Wales to be baring the legs for Instagram just yet! There are still some slightly summery pieces in here though, as well as some great transitional jumpers and t-shirts! So without further ado, let’s get into what I bought!

Black Floral Smock Playsuit


I’m going to start things off with one of the more summery pieces I bought in this haul. Although it does look like a dress, this is actually a playsuit! I’m a huge lover of floral and black is probably my favourite colour to wear, so this was always going to be a winning combination. The balloon sleeves are really on trend and the light floaty fabric makes this great for a foodie like me.

Tan Pom Pom Fedora Hat


I paired this above playsuit with my next item, which is really cool hat. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore hats, but I felt that I really needed to add a new one to my wardrobe for this summer. I don’t actually own a fedora hat and though that the cute addition of the black pompoms around the edge made this one a bit more fun to wear. Pom poms are huge this season and I think this is a really effortless way to make use of the trend without looking like an idiot!

Black Stripe Boxy T-shirt



Everybody loves stripes right? I know I do, and I personally feel you can never have enough striped tshirts because they NEVER go out of fashion. This one is a nice little change up from the classic black and white stripe, as the t-shirt is mainly black instead of white. I got this in a size 8, which I’m really glad about as this is already a quite boxy and oversized fit. It looks great on its own or tucked into jeans or a denim skirt if the weathers a little better. So basic, but possibly one of my favourite things!

Pink Stripe Crew Neck Jumper


Yes that’s right . . following on we have another striped item, this time in the form of a jumper (can you tell I like stripes?) I’m not usually one for pink for fear of a hair clash but I think the subtle pastel shade works really well here. This is also a nice lightweight jumper to have now that the weathers getting a tiny bit warmer, and again it looks great both tucked and untucked.

Black Longline Jumper


I’m getting even more basic now with this plain back jumper that I picked up. Black is my favourite colour to wear and I don’t currently have a decent black jumper that’s not overly thick or heavy. I really like this one worn with some staple blue denim jeans and then dressed up with lots of layered jewellery.

Multi Coloured Stripe Jumper


Lastly clothes wise, we have my favourite jumper of this haul, and something that I’ve already worn multiple times. The colours on this jumper are insane! I think the colour block effect works incredibly well, with an almost clashing colour palette. I’m not one for wearing too much colour so this is a pretty safe way of injecting colour into your wardrobe if you’re like me! Although slightly cropped my stomach is still completely hidden with is a must have for me.

Various Necklaces


Moving on to jewellery next, and I think New Look have some great pieces in at the moment. I’m a huge lover of the layered necklaces look so I was after some new pieces to add to my collection. I think these two silver necklaces work great together. They’re both pretty similar in style to a lot of the Missoma jewellery so many of the bloggers are wearing at the moment, with a price tag that is far cheaper! Having said that I don’t think the clasps on these are particularly great in quality, but for the £2.99 price tag you can’t be too fussy! They also had the bull horn pendant necklace in rose gold, so I treated myself to that too!


I’m really happy with my little haul and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to properly start! As always, you can find the links below to everything I’ve mentioned above!


Black Floral Smock Playsuit

Tan Pom Pom Fedora Hat

Black Stripe Boxy T-Shirt

Pink Stripe Crew Neck Jumper

Black Longline Jumper

Multi Coloured Stripe Jumper

Silver Embossed Double Coin Necklace

Silver Bull Horn Pendant Necklace

Rose Gold Bull Horn Pendant Necklace


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