The Hellenic Eatery, Cardiff

IMG_9114[1]With all this brilliant yet sweaty sunshine we’ve been having in Cardiff over the last few weeks I’ve constantly been in a holiday and travel kind of mood. Unfortunately for me, I have a house deposit and a wedding to save for, which means travel is a current luxury my bank balance just can’t afford. Fear not, for whilst myself and my other half may not be able to actually leave the country, we were most definitely able to bring another country to us! Cardiff is a brilliant city for great independent food at the moment, and with the amazing ranges of cuisines on offer the ability to transport yourself to another place are endless!

We actually decided pretty quickly on The Hellenic Eatery, a Greek restaurant we’ve been meaning to get to which really did have me feeling as if I were back in Kos or Crete. We both love Greece and the stunning local food there, so the idea of a Greek family-run business where most of the ingredients are important from Greece and cooked in an authentic Greek way was far too tantalizing to pass.

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Restaurant James Sommerin, Penarth

IMG_9076[1]I am a massive foodie and I’m engaged to a chef (utter bliss!) As you might imagine, between the pair of us we have a massive passion for eating ALL of the food. With my fiancés birthday coming up I knew I wanted to book a table somewhere special for us to eat. I wanted somewhere we hadn’t tried before and somewhere that was fancy enough to give us an excuse to put on our glad rags and make the most of the rare night off together (unsociable chef working hours be damned!). I quickly decided on James Sommerin’s Michelin starred restaurant, a place we had been eager to try for far too long!

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Pieminister, Cardiff

IMG_8935[1]Everyone loves a good pie, right? I’m pretty sure that there’s some sort of prerequisite that in order to be deemed a true Brit you have to declare your love of hearty pies at some point in your life. And if, as I suspect, you do love a good pie (with the obligatory side of mash and gravy), then surely a food venue with the rather pun filled name of ‘Pieminister’ is going to appeal to your appetite? It certainly appeals to mine at any rate, and when Pieminister very kindly asked me if I would like to come in and have a pie as well as sample their new soft scoop ice creams, I was more than eager to comply.


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The Dough Thrower, Cardiff

IMG_7660When your boyfriend (now fiancé!) is a full time chef working in a restaurant your local food bloggers love, its to be expected that food would play a large role in our lives. We’re both massive foodies, and if days off aren’t spent with him cooking and me baking, its more than likely that we’re dining out for food. Even so, despite our versatile taste buds and the vast amount of food he’s cooked for me, there’s still one thing which is undoubtedly my favourite meal; pizza.

We’re pretty lucky here in Cardiff as we have quite a few places where we can get a stand out pizza – Dusty Knuckle, Calabrisella and Cafe Citta are just some which spring to mind. When I realised another pizza centered venue was opening up under the rather apt name of The Dough Thrower, I was immediately intrigued. Sadly, with a hectic work period and a partner who works incredibly unsociable hours, its taken me quite a while to finally sample their food. Fear not, for it was definitely worth the wait!

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Review: Got Beef, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff

IMG_5746Finding ourselves with a very rare day off together, as opposed to the few fleeting hours we normally have to squeeze in, myself and my boyfriend decided to do what we do best, and go out for food. Now, my boyfriend was feeling in a very meaty mood, and I am not necessarily the biggest meat eater (chicken and burgers spared), so it was with relative ease that we decided to belatedly experience Got Beef’s Bar and Kitchen.

As you might be able to tell, Got Beef specialises in one thing; burgers. Now, I can’t actually say that this was my first experience tasting their food, as I have previously had one of their burgers at one of the Street Food experiences which are thankfully becoming more popular within Cardiff. It’s interesting to note that the founder, Cai Pritchard, did initially launch Got Beef as a mobile catering business, so they are no strangers to this environment.  Our first time, however, was quite a while ago, so I was feeling pretty ready to get the taste buds going once more.

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Review: Mint and Mustard,Cardiff

img_5618When your boyfriend is a chef working unsociable hours, but you bow down to the monotony of a 9-5 working day , you know it’s going to be unlikely that you’ll get to spend one of the busiest nights – Valentine’s Day – together.  Whilst this proved to be true, we did miraculously manage to spend the following evening together. Naturally, we opted to dine out for the evening.

Mint and Mustard is a place which has been on our radar for an extremely long time. Fancying somewhere new to try, we finally bit the bullet and booked a table here. Situated on the busy Whitchurch Road, we were extremely lucky to steal a parking space located precisely outside the restaurants doors. Entering the building, a waiter appeared as if from nowhere, making a beeline directly towards us to gracefully open the door, take our coats, and show us to our table. Needless to say, we immediately felt like guests as opposed to paying customers.

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