Review Policy


I adore reading, and as such I am always extremely happy and grateful to receive review copies which I have either requested or personally accepted.

I welcome all contact from authors/publishers with regards to honest reviews to their books or involvement in upcoming projects, but please note I do not read self-published books. Please include a brief description of the book which you feel I will enjoy, as I will not accept a book I would not normally pick up and read myself!

I will only give my honest, true opinion of the book I am reviewing and I am under no obligation to give a false positive review. I will try my very best to complete a review within two months or the date of publication, but due to work commitments I cannot guarantee reviews will be completed within a certain time frame. Likewise, I withhold the right to not review a book in certain circumstances, such as if I really do not enjoy the book.

I do not accept e-books, or self-published books.

Everything else:

Whilst reading is my main hobby, I have many different passions including travel, beauty and fashion. I am always eager to feature content related to this on my blog and I would love to hear from you if you think I might be interesting in something you have been working on.

I am an extremely avid baker, whilst my partner is a Chef. Together, we are addicted to food, and we love to experience and review different food establishments and products. We will only ever post our own, honest opinions, and we will NOT write a favourable review in exchange for a complimentary meal or product.

If you would like to discuss anything mentioned above, or have any queries, please feel free to contact me either here, or at: