The Dough Thrower, Cardiff

IMG_7660When your boyfriend (now fiancé!) is a full time chef working in a restaurant your local food bloggers love, its to be expected that food would play a large role in our lives. We’re both massive foodies, and if days off aren’t spent with him cooking and me baking, its more than likely that we’re dining out for food. Even so, despite our versatile taste buds and the vast amount of food he’s cooked for me, there’s still one thing which is undoubtedly my favourite meal; pizza.

We’re pretty lucky here in Cardiff as we have quite a few places where we can get a stand out pizza – Dusty Knuckle, Calabrisella and Cafe Citta are just some which spring to mind. When I realised another pizza centered venue was opening up under the rather apt name of The Dough Thrower, I was immediately intrigued. Sadly, with a hectic work period and a partner who works incredibly unsociable hours, its taken me quite a while to finally sample their food. Fear not, for it was definitely worth the wait!

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